Forest Maintenance Activity

From 2013, Shelter began maintaining a hitherto untouched 3 hectare forest area in Hiranoyama, Sagae City near the Shelter Pre-cut Timber Factory as the “Shelter Forest.” More than 300 trees have been planted thus far including Sargent cherry trees, wild cherry trees, and Japanese flowering dogwood trees. Shelter is nurturing the trees with care so as to make this area famous for cherry blossoms. A recreation trail is being constructed by Shelter for the benefit of local residents to enjoy a stroll through the hills. In the future, an observation deck overlooking Sagae City and spaces to enjoy the outdoors are planned to be developed.
Shelter will maintain the forest to preserve the environment and to create spaces for visitors to experience the goodness of nature and a recreation area for their enjoyment.

Information on Shelter Forest
【Tree species planted】Sargent Cherry Trees, Wild Cherry Trees, Japanese Flowering Dogwood Trees, etc.

Shelter International Architectural Design Competition for Students (POSTPONED)

Shelter sponsors an idea competition for students, whether from East or West, who are studying at various academic institutions and who have strong ambitions. In the final open review, the review board — consisting of world-renowned architects who share their thoughts on “good environments” and provide “encouragement / motivation” — will support the development of students. By announcing the selected works through various media channels, Shelter hopes this competition will become a promotional activity for raising the quality of architectural environments and architectural ideas around the world.

Based on these goals, the Shelter International Architectural Design Competition for Students aspires to be an authority in the realm of student design competitions, thereby serving as a gateway to success for promising students.