Timber Structural Materials

Research, Design, Construction and Sale of timber structural materials.

  • KES System(Joining hardware construction method)
  • COOL WOOD(Wood fireproof materials for 1-, 2- and 3-hour certifications)
  • FREE STYLE WOOD(Curved / twisted wooden materials)

Shelter offers these structural materials to many design offices, general contractors, construction shops, forestry associations and others.

Architectural Design

Architectural design (Design, Construction Design, Precision Calculations)and construction of large-scale, mid-to-high-rise fire-resistant wood buildings.
Shelter’s natural wood-based design gives people a soothing/healing and comfortable living space with no intrusive encumbrances. Shelter’s architectural designs have won many awards throughout Japan.

Fireproof Design and Consulting

Shelter is the pioneering force in developing wooden fireproof technology and was the first to design and develop 3-hour (fully certified) fireproof wood for construction in Japan.
COOL WOOD is patented in Switzerland, Canada and Japan and can be manufactured using locally produced wood from all over the world.
Shelter’s unique fireproof wood technology now enables the construction of innovative and design-rich high-rise wooden buildings and open-design structures in areas with stringent fireproof regulations.

Custom Build Homes and Renovation

Shelter’s custom build homes feature 100% freely open designs and are individually constructed to accentuate their unique soothing characters. Our design philosophy focuses on beautiful wooden homes fully catering to your family’s lifestyle, and which realize a bold and innovative sense of serenity.
With dynamic atriums and spacious openings, residents can flexibly seek to do expansions and renovations owing to changes in family structure and lifestyles. Our fireproof houses feature Shelter’s COOL WOOD technology as well as the excellent seismic safety performance of our KES construction methods. Based on our design and technology work cultivated meticulously over a span of 45 years, Shelter offers supremely high-grade wooden houses that will be proudly passed down to the next generation.

Coordination for “Creating Timber City” Environments

Planning and coordination of “Creating Timber City”.
Our state-of-the-art wooden technology is not limited to houses; indeed this same know-how can be utilized in large-scale and high-rise buildings including public buildings made of locally produced timber as well as urban commercial facilities. Shelter has worked hard to cultivate a collaborative business model with forestry associations, design offices, general contractors, construction shops and others across Japan, which now enables us to proudly contribute to the advancement of forest maintenance, the revitalizing of regional economies and job creation.