Fundamental policy on protection of personal information(Privacy Policy)

Shelter Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “Shelter”) considers the trust of business partners as well as customers and of those who request or inquire concerning documentation and information (hereafter, “customers”) as Shelter’s first priority, and will manage the personal information of customers strictly and appropriately.

1. Compliance with laws and ordinances

Shelter shall comply with laws relating to the protection of personal information (Personal Information Protection Law) and related laws and ordinances, manage personal information appropriately, and take appropriate measures for safe management.

2. Employee education

Shelter shall provide thoroughgoing education and guidance to employees as well as to relevant contractors to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately.

3. Collecting personal information, purpose of use

In principle, personal information shall be collected in so far as the information is provided voluntarily by the customer. Personal information provided by customers shall be used only within the following scope.

  • To respond to customer inquiries and requests
  • To provide information on various events, campaigns, and seminars, etc.
  • To deliver materials and catalogs requested by customers
  • To provide information and proposals related to Shelter products and services
  • When there is a need to contact users for some other reasons

4. Disclosure of personal information

Personal information provided by customers shall not be disclosed to any third party unless the reason applies to any of the following.

  • If the customer agrees to the disclosure of information
  • If the information is disclosed under the circumstance where the customer cannot be identified
  • When disclosing information to companies with which Shelter has concluded a Non-Disclosure Agreement (e.g. outsourcee) to the extent that Shelter deems necessary
  • When the content of an inquiry is deemed appropriate to be responded by Shelter’s associates or partners (e.g. repair services, etc.)
  • When it is necessary to use fee-imposed services or to settle product order placements (There are cases where personal information may be required to be exchanged with financial institutions. This is to confirm the validity of bank accounts and credit cards.)
  • When it is judged necessary in accordance with law
  • When it is considered necessary in the interest of the customer or the public

5. Management of personal information

Customer personal information is managed under a safe and secure environment which cannot be accessed by third parties. Shelter’s system prevents data from being modified, falsified or leaked.

6. Inquiries, corrections and deletions of personal information

When requesting an inquiry, correction or deletion regarding your personal information provided by you, please make your request from the point of contact on each “Inquiries” website. To prevent personal information from leakage, Shelter may require to confirm that you are the customer relating to the personal information being requested.

7. Changes and notifications pertaining to the privacy policy

The content of the privacy policy may be changed as required. As customers will not be notified in each event that a change is made, please refer to the latest version of this page when using Shelter’s services.

8. Inquiries

Point of Contact for questions or requests relating to your personal information or this website.
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