Cultural Facilities

Yatsushiro City Center for Folk Peforming Arts

Design Akihisa Hirata Architecture Design office
Location Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Pref.
Site area 11,383.50㎡
Building area 1,907.39㎡
Total floor area 1,722.74㎡
Floor levels 2 stories
Shelter’s involvement Construction
Material supply

A cubic curved roof woven from local materials

This architecture is a festival tradition hall that exhibits and stores traditional folk performing arts that continue in Yatsushiro City, and also serves as a place for practice. The liveliness of the festival is expressed by the large, undulating roofs that face each other. The roof frame, which is a combination of short timbers, is made entirely of distribution materials from Yatsushiro City, except for some parts. After passing up to 4 rows of girders, the upper beam / lower beam / purlin is woven. I hang it like this. Under the roof, the halberd is assembled just before the Yatsushiro Myoken Festival, and it is also a place like a loophole or a park that can be used on a daily basis. We hope that it will attract many tourists and at the same time be a living place where you can feel the festival on a daily basis. -Akihisa Hirata Architecture Design office

◇ Wood Utilization Excellent Facility Contest 2021, Excellence Award