Plus Pharmacy Misato

Design Kohei Kudo Architectural Design Office
Location Takasaki City, Gunma Pref.
Site area 631.18㎡
Building area 280.56㎡
Total floor area 200.22㎡
Floor levels 1 story
Shelter’s involvement Structural design
Material supply

A laid-back space in a stack of simple structures
It is a plan for a bright dispensing pharmacy that is in equal contact with the surroundings. This pharmacy not only prescribes medicines, but also has a space like a hangout where you can consult about your health in your daily life and feel free to stop by even if you have no particular business. A transparent façade made of overlapping wood and sash structures, eaves that surround the four circumferences like a veranda, and light shining down from a ceiling height of up to 5,500 mm, creating an open and bright space with a physical scale. It has become. The architecture that was born out of this is systematic and simple, but I think it has become a space with a calm place in the looseness of the outside.

〇 GA JAPAN 162 posted
〇 New architecture April 2020 issue
〇 Store architecture January 2021 issue
◇ Good Design Award 2020