It is our pleasure to announce that Shelter Co.,Ltd., has entered into a technology collaboration agreement with WaltGalmarini, a Swiss-based engineering firm, effective December 5, 2023.

This collaboration stems from a partnership agreement signed on September 12, 2023, aiming to strengthen the existing cooperation between the two entities. The mutual goal is to contribute to the advancement of wooden construction and the promotion of timber utilization in both Switzerland and Japan, fostering prosperity and development.

In this collaborative effort, Shelter will provide WaltGalmarini, a leading European entity in timber structure technology, with essential techniques for constructing wooden buildings in urban areas. This includes utilizing the “KES System” for wooden structures and innovative fireproof technology “COOL WOOD”. The aim is to facilitate the widespread adoption and expansion of wooden buildings, particularly in Switzerland and other European countries.

We are excited to be part of this initiative, aligning with Shelter’s broader vision to establish Japan’s fireproof standards as a global benchmark. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote the concept of a sustainable and environmentally friendly “Timber City” for the future, with Japan as the originator of this global initiative, given its rich wooden culture.

(Left to Right) Wolfram Kübler, Managing Director, WaltGalmarini; Andreas Galmarini, Managing Director, WaltGalmarini; Kazuyoshi Kimura , Chairman, Shelter Co.,Ltd.; Carlo Galmarini, Chairman, WaltGalmarini. (Photographed at WaltGalmarini Office on December 5, 2023)

About WaltGalmarini AG:
WaltGalmarini AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is a distinguished architecture and engineering company involved in a wide array of projects, including bridges, buildings, public facilities, and cultural heritage. The company is recognized for its environmentally conscious approaches, specializing in the design of structures that seamlessly integrate wood construction with energy efficiency. WaltGalmarini played a pivotal role in winning competitions for the structural design of the 80m, 27-story timber high-rise building “PI” in Zug, Switzerland, and the 100m, 32-story timber hybrid residential building “Rocket & Tigerli” in Winterthur, Switzerland, solidifying its position as a leading force in timber construction technology in Europe.

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